Our Workshops

WTT offers several workshops designed for personal and professional development.

We focus on you as an individual to help you perform your best in almost any personal or business situation. Our life-changing workshops will help you to communicate effectively, resolve conflict and handle any situation with confidence. Feedback from past attendees consistently confirms that skills like creativity, negotiating and especially, increased confidence, are measurably improved after utilizing the knowledge and techniques learned in our workshops.

We can help point you in the right direction for positive personal and career growth. There’s a workshop available just around the corner that could be the difference-maker!

Our workshops and seminars are offered FREE of charge, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Labor and CT Works. These programs are available on a monthly basis at various times and locations.

Please call 860-501-3257, or send us an email (info@mywtt.com)  for more information.

Confidence Makeover Workshop Putting the Service into Customer Service


Our most popular workshop, Confidence Makeover is a two half-days seminar offering exercises and examples from real-life situations. Attendees will learn how to build a plan and receive practical techniques to build confidence

This workshop for customer service professionals covers the importance of Communication, Listening and Empathy…”The little things that make a BIG difference.”

Workshop: Trust in Your Abilities Picking up the Pieces Workshop

This FREE one-day, three-hour workshop gives attendees a foundation for getting an employer to TRUST your ability to do the job, focusing on the core elements of trust.

This FREE one-day, three-hour workshop focuses on making a successful recovery from job loss focusing on the four stages of recovery.